Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Just slow, not abandoned...

I was reading an article the other day about how most of the blogosphere was abandoned. How could you tell if your blog was abandoned? Well, the blog didn't have a post in the last 6 months its most likely a goner.

I have a few more stories up my sleeve.
  • ISP Conspiracy and Hardware Data Compression.
  • Modem Initialization Strings.
  • Why AMD chips are now worse than Intel chips.
  • (ok, just kidding)
Actually, there is the story of the origins of Sanctuary (as a name and my forays into D&D). The tale of the boy who asked 13 girls on a date in 1 week. The adventures of working as a door greeter at the Motel West. And finally, there is the parable of the 7-11 ice-machine.

And who knows, maybe if we really get bored we can discuss the merits of the Hayes AT command set and how your dial-up ISP could have given you 4x the dial-up speed with very minimal effort and not much real cost to themselves...

So, when I finished unpacking boxes I'll sit back down and continue this slow process through the 1980's and other fun.

Oh, and if your interested in the story of the house in the picture, just click here. I'm sure they own the legal copyright to the picture.